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Heavy-Duty 5-3/8 in. (136mm) 14.4V Cordless Trim

DW935K - Heavy-Duty 5-3/8 in. (136mm) 14.4V Cordless Trim

DW935K - Heavy-Duty 5-3/8 in. (136mm) 14.4V Cordless Trim

Dewalt Heavy-Duty 5-3/8 in. (136mm) 14.4V Cordless Trim Saw Kit.




  • 5-3/8" blade cuts 2X materials (ex. 2x4) on a 90° plane in a single pass.
  • Left side blade provides maximum visibility of cut line.
  • 50° bevel for added capacity.
  • DEWALT built high-performance motor with fan cooling delivers maximum power and durability.
  • Spindle lock for easy blade changes.
  • 5-3/8" 16-tooth carbide circular saw blade.
  • Blade wrench.
  • Heavy-duty kit box.
  • Charges all DEWALT® 7.2V - 18V batteries (except Univolt batteries) so users need only one charger for multiple cordless products.
  • Charges the battery in 1 hour or less thus minimizing down time.
  • The DEWALT 3-stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery.
  • Battery thermal protection system prevents charging batteries that are too hot or too cold which would cause damage to the battery and a loss of run-time.
  • Diagnostics with LED indicator are 5 indicators to communicate battery charge status: charged, charging, power line problem, replace pack, and battery too hot or too cold.
  • High capacity XRP™ battery has 40% more run-time than standard batteries.
  • Powers entire DEWALT® line of 14.4V tools allowing users to run multiple tools off of the same battery pack.
  • 14.4V NiCd Battery.


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