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R2 RapidRench

FR28SWMP - R2 RapidRench

FR28SWMP - R2 RapidRench

Never before has there been a tool quite as amazing as the R2 RapidRench™ adjustable ratcheting socket wrench. By combining the versatility of a standard adjustable wrench with the speed of a ratcheting socket set, the R2 RapidRench has capabilities beyond anything previously available. Add the power of the famous Crescent® brand, and you have an innovative new product that’s sure to be a consumer favorite. The R2 RapidRench™ adjustable ratcheting socket wrench is a revolutionary new tool with literally thousands of uses around themhome and shop. With its 1/4 in. to 7/8 in. jaw capacity, it replaces 38 of the most popular socket sizes and works on many different types of fasteners. It’s perfect for typical “around the house” projects like working on a lawnmower or a bicycle. And since the R2 RapidRench is infinitely adjustable, it works equally well on both SAE and metric fasteners.




  • 60-tooth ratcheting mechanism requires just a six-degree swing to turn fasteners.
  • Convenient adjustmentdial controls jaw operation, providing quick and positive grip on fasteners.
  • Sturdy short-throw thumb switch instantly changes ratchet direction from.
  • Oversized co-molded grip features hardinner sleeve for strength with durable.
  • Jaw capacity 1/4" to 7/8" (4.8mm to 22.2mm).
  • Works on square bolts, hex bolts, J-bolts, hook eyes, wing nuts, thumb screws, and many, many more!.


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